For Professionals

Pre- & Post-natal Regrognathia lecture by Kevin Boyd

This lecture by Kevin Boyd discusses the need for early intervention pre- and post-natally for open mouth posture, mouth breathing, snoring, and apneas in pregnant mothers and children in prevention of poorly developed jaws.  

How tongue mobility changes face and jaw development

This video goes over how a lingual restriction limits tongue mobility and can affect development of the oral structures.

Tongue Restriction Questionnaire: A New Screening Tool to Identify Tongue-Tied Patients

This research paper provides a simple screening tool for lingual restrictions intended for use in medical and dental settings to help determine when referral may be needed.

Tongue Fat and its Relationship to Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This article explores how fat may affect tongue function during sleep and contribute to its collapsibility contributing to obstructive sleep apnea.

Assessment of posterior tongue mobility using lingual‐palatal suction: Progress towards a functional definition of ankyloglossia

This research article looks at the use of Tongue Range of Motion Ratio (TRMR) for the posterior tongue using lingual palatal suction (LPS) to assess posterior range of motion and as an adjunct to anterior TRMR for assessing tongue function and mobility.