Client Reviews


Annie was an amazing resource. I was so happy to find her Myofunctional Therapy practice. I now have improved tongue placement, lip closure and I know how to swallow correctly. I never knew you could exercise your tongue and improve your quality of life! It has been life changing!"


Annie is also incredibly responsive, even in between sessions; she's great about answering my questions and will send me additional resources when I request them. She truly is a *partner* in helping me build a healthier version of myself, and I cannot recommend her enough.


I needed orthotropic/orthodontic treatment to improve my airway (MSE + SFOT). Annie has been a great ally in navigating this new and confusing world, offering many resources. She thoughtfully answers my questions and listens fully to my concerns, remembering them later and emailing me between sessions. She is also very organized in her approach, assigning a clear and doable number of exercises and reps. After about 3 weeks of doing Annie's regiment of exercises, my sleep already seems to be improving somewhat.